Welcome To Millennium Premierum Medical Center Doha, Qatar

Dr. Al-Haj welcomes the season with open arms and exciting news.

A new website and a fresh outlook on what lies ahead are the beginning of all the exciting changes that will be happening soon.

Be sure to check back for more exciting details on what's happening!

I For New U

1140 Enclave Parkway suite 150
Houston Texas 77077

We are excited to announce that we are now offering dermaplaning which will renew and refresh your skin with almost no down time.

Every patent is consulted to identify goals and treatment options are prescribed and tailored to meet your, expectations, budget and long and short-term goals. Visit our gallery to see amazing before and after photos.

Experience combined with the latest technologies ensures maximum results in the shortest amout of time. Serving both men and women for years, you are sure to feel confident throughout your treatment.