I hated the unsightly veins on my legs for years...but finally decided to see what could be done. I was fortunate in finding Feel & Live Better in my own neighborhood. I love convenience!

The treatment took about half an hour. I felt the treatment room and procedure was very sanitary. The doctor was very efficient and talked me through the process. She made me feel safe and comfortable.

The procedure itself is not pain-free - how could it be when needles are involved? But she made it as painless as possible. For aftercare, I had to wear support hose for three days, and massage the bruises with oil to help them heal quickly.

I was very happy with the result. I hadn't realized how much younger my legs would look without all the blue lines! I have a few little spider veins left, and will have go back to have those touched up with laser

​ Michelle G.

Love this spa. I trust Dr. Iman Al-Haj with my skin care needs at Live & Feel Better Medical Spa. I received SmartSkin CO2 laser resurfacing in December 2013. The amount of care and attention given by Dr. Al-Haj and staff before, during and after this procedure produced incredible results. My fine lines diminished. My melasma was reduced. Skin texture improved. I have since received PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections. I experienced very little discomfort. Numbing cream was applied. This procedure helped plump up my Marionette lines. I am in my 40s. People always think I am in my 30s. I am pleased with the results. The prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend you give this spa a try. ​

Thalma R.

Highly professional and reasonable prices
Dr. Al-Haj couldn't be nicer or more professional and competent. I highly recommend her services.

​ HoustonShoes

Love Dr. Al-Haj. Realistic approach with honest answers and true results. I have never been so happy with skin and overall appearance. ​

Nancy L.

I found this wonderful spa through a groupon I bought, I was 58 and had never had any facials or other work done on my face before. I had three sessions of IPL and before any work was done at all, they take photos of your face from several angles and a ultraviolet photo that shows the scarey sun damage beneath the upper layers of skin. I could see lots of dark spots, invisible harbingers of age spots and precancerous spots to show up in later years.The IPL was wonderful, but to really get down into the lower layers and fix that damge so that it doesn't materialize, we had to do further fraxel laser treatment. The latest ultraviolet photo shows the hidden damage almost totally gone. I am a fair skinned girl who had white hair as a child. I had already had several precancerous spots removed from my face before this treatment. I also later at 60 yrs old had my first try at botox to relax the vertical lines between my eyes, and some filler to reduce the lines from nose to corner of mouth. My husband says he can see the reduction in some early signs of aging. The antiaging effects of the treatments are wonderful but the damage correction that is not so visible to others is most reassuring. It was Dr. Al Haj's medical specialty in burns, making her intimately skilled with human skin, its damage and rejuvenation that made me consider the more complex treatment. She is quietly professional, and not at all like what another reviewer portrayed. I do not believe that she would ever say anything disrespectful or rude to a client. Her staff is gentle and caring and there is no pressure to buy products, although they were introduced to me. The house sunscreen is terrific and although powerful it is a lotion type, rather than a cream. It goes into my skin very quickly and is easy to put on. They offer many more services than I have used, but they do not push these on me. I will continue to come to Dr. Al Haj to keep my skin healthy and looking its best! I am very, very greatful I found her. ​


Dr. Alhaj recently did some botox for me and I'm extremely pleased with the results. She and her staff are really nice and professional. She also recommended some products for me and gave me some samples to try. I really liked that she wasn't pushy about trying to sell me products and encouraged me to try them first. The eye cream she gave me is phenomenal and I will most definitely be back to get that along with some other treatments. ​


I went to get a Filler to enhance my upper lip in correlation to the bottom lip, I was given a consultaion and the doctor recommended the brand of filler according to my age and the amount of enhancement I wanted. I was very scared so I was given a numbing cream, and the wonderful med assistant held my hand through the entire procedure. I was pampered and given the best of the best service. I was very happy with the results, and taken care of. This Med Spa is seriously there to help you, not take your money. I also booked an appointment for a hydrafacial 2 weeks later, and it was also amazing, I have acne scarring so I
got the hydrafacial which includes microderm, and right after got a chemical peel, I have never seen such dramatic results. This is seriously the place to be. I have found my lifetime Medspa, and soon will be going in for my Laser Hair Removal, which is unlimited treatments for a year, and the cheapest price in ALL of the Houston area. ​


A one spot to look younger and feel better from the inside to the outside. My experience has been wonderful and Dr. Al Haj offers her honest advice. I never feel pressured to buy products and she is extremely knowledgeable about everything she offers. They offer hydrafacials, botox, fillers and more. I've never tried a hydrafacial and I recommend this facial to everyone! It is fantastic and really hydrates your skin. I've also tried the micro-nutrient testing and the results where my body is deficient in certain vitamins is incredible. I highly recommend you try this place. ​


The physician was wonderful ​

Stacy H.

Great experience! My technician was great and very detailed in expalining what she was doing! ​


I will most definately will come back for future treatments. I love the attitude of the Dr. She wants you to have success with your results. She is very friendly and takes her time with you. I am very excited that groupon led me to her. ​

Fran M.

I read their reviews and decided to purchase Vampire Facelift. Very social doctor and staff. I fell asleep in their chair so let me just say, I was relaxed because I have only fallen asleep in a bed in my lifetime. Today I awoke and no bruising, Wow! A lady came in to the spa, a client and wzs very happy. Her sister had an appt. Yesterday too. My face is swollen but I love this spa! Time will tell. I can't wait for the spa to put tickle lipo on Groupon! Yes, tickle lipo...I saw the video

​ Mrs. B

Love, love, love Dr. al Haj and her staff. I have been treated by Dr. al Haj for a couple of years now and she is firm in her suggestions on treatment without being pushy. The results have been tremendous from the Botox, fillers,to variety of facials and recently for me the CO2 procedure. She was able to show me photo's from two years ago and how my skin has improved and looking younger. ​

Carla C.

I am a total perfectionist when it comes to my hair and face! I also was skeptical the first time I bought a Groupon from here over 4 years ago now. But I have to say the clinic doesn't have the bells and whistles and the staff apart from Dr.Al Haj are not 10/10 on the ball. BUT Dr.AlHaj is a wonderful and very educated woman trained in the UK and is a burn doctor and they know more about skin than any of these other people administering Botox and fillers etc after a short course! Dr.Al know the facial structure of your muscles and she also offers the Vampire Facial to go with it so that a quicker recovery from your injections happens. It also helps your face produce collagen. She is warm, caring and sweet and takes time to explain through photographs of your face using special cameras just where and what is going on with your skin and how she can help. Her prices are always reasonable and she often gives extra treats to me. Oh the compliments I get about you look so young what is your secret ...after going! Of course I am not sharing but I am with you. You can totally expect great results with her. My friends see some of the best surgeons in town for fillers and quite frankly look scary to me! Dr.Al always does it just so, so that you look natural but young and rested. ​

S. T.

Happy New Year Peeps!! Thanx for coming into my life and helping me Look AND Feel Better!!!

​ Here's to a prosperous new year of living well!!! <3 ​

Miss Kathy

Dear Iman,
Sandra and I are here in NJ at our family seashore home and I could not help thinking of you, your medical wisdom and your kindness to both of us.
Really, thanks to you, I am feeling better than ever and look forward to more positive days ahead. What's more important to me is your deep concern for your patients welfare and your caring attitude. For me, you are a treasure and I just wanted you to know that your are appreciated, respected and loved for all you have done for me, my wife Sandra and many others. Thank you. We'll be returning to Houston on October 3rd and until then we wish you and yours good health, happiness and fortune. May God continue to bless you in all your endeavors.

​ Most sincerely,

​ Dear Dr Haj, ​

I would like to thank you for the excellent medical treatment that you made available to me. Since the accident happen on Sunday evening and at that point the burn did not seem to be a major one, but next day it was looking quiet scary and I knew I immediately needed a doctor. When we discussed over phone on Monday you not only understood the complete situation but were really willing to take time out of your appointments to consult me. I believe that getting excellent medical consultation on time is the first step and I am really thankful for that. ​

Since the treatment started immediately, I was able to see a dry wound within a week and a see complete recovery in next 2 weeks. My wounds looks like all healed up and I understand that the mark would still remain there. However most important part is even after this level of burns, with proper treatment, there were no complications like septic. ​

Since I am on vacation in Houston I was worried that the accident would spoil my visit here. But now all my worries are gone and I can enjoy my stay here with my family Thanks to the excellent and efficient team that you have. ​


J. S. posted on Feel and Live Better Medical Spa's timeline
"Dr. Al-Haj has transformed my wrinkled face into a smooth ,beautiful one. Thank you for making me look pretty for the celebration of my special